Dear Anne-Sophie,

Your exceptional talent and the profound impact your work has had on the art community.

With anticipation and admiration. 

Viviana Puelloat 

ArtTour International Magazine





Dear Anne-Sophie,

Your exceptional talent and the stories told through your art have truly captivated me, and they would make a fantastic addition to the exhibition.

Warmest regards,

Alan Grimandi

Director, Grimandi Art Gallery







… Anne Sophie Le Penru


You and me

In this case, the focus of the picture is the metallic hug between two ordinary kitchenwares, namely, common forks. Despite the apparently irrelevance of the subject, this scene instinctively light a fire in the spectator’s soul: it express passion and sensuality of young lovers. As all we know, love could be the sweetest thing in the world, but also the painfullest: the fork is the perfect representation of this feeling. Indeed, it could give us pleasure, using it with food, but at the same time, it could also wound us with its sherpened tips.Thanks to two colored tecnique, Anne Sophie created a bright white background which enhances the simbolic significance of the gesture. In addition, the deep tone of the objects creates an evocative dark and light contrast.

The princess in barefoot

A gracefull dancer, dressed with a lace featherlight gown, is fluctuanding over a floor mirror, brushing against it. She’s like a lightweight butterfly, flying through a nocturnal sky full of bright stars. The pretty dancer recalls instinctively the works of the impressionist painter Edgar Degas: his paintings often portray the world of classical ballet and his aim was to capture the essence of elegance emanated by the cute “ballerinas”. In the same way, Anne Sophie Le Penru fixed in a unique photograph the royal grace of a dancing princess, which evokes gentle feelings, such as innocence, joy and purity. The black and white tecnique, which is the favourite of Anne Sophie, creates the nostalgic atmosphere of a remote past and, at the same time, it enhances the light and dark contrast hilighting the clearness of the whole picture.

The butterfly

In the middle of a blurry background stands a pretty butterfly spreading its fragile wings: it’s trying to soar through the air but it seems to be stuck on the ground. This cute creature is the expression of human nature which is characterized by two opposed attributes, namely body and soul, as backed up by the Dominican italian friar Thomas Aquinas. The former keep us tied to external reality and material possessions, while the latter push us to nurture our spirituality; therefore, as this outstanding shot symbolizes, the challenge is to balance between these two aspects. Besides this profound philosophical message, The butterfly is technically an high quality photograph, obtained with a refined work of blurring which perfectly reflect the movement’s perception of the butterfly’s wings. In addition, the black and white technique contributes to create an hazy atmosphere which enhances the symbolic message of this unique picture.

Curated by Francesca Luppini




Dear Anne,

We appreciate your genuine and thoughtful reply to our offer for the Top 60 Masters 2024.

We support you for your artistic journey. Our future collaborations that celebrate your talents.

Do not forget that we have a deep appreciation for the art you create. It's clear that your contributions have significantly enriched the art community, earning you this well-deserved recognition.

Warmest regards,





Dear Anne-Sophie ,

I am writing this email from Gallery Four Percent, where we have been admiring your exceptional artworks that we have discovered through various social media platforms and online exhibitions. Your unique still-life compositions captivate the heart of every fine art lover.

We wish you the best of luck!

Artistically yours,


Sraya S.

Gallery Coordinator Gallery 4%