Oniric tales, poetic thrillers, english ballads


(10 texts have been selected in January and February 2022 to be published with Curated, Greece, Athens)


Take my hand
Let's walk to the warm sand
Our love never end
You're my best story
Next to me, in me,
My love, mon ami


To face life
Feeling like knight
Day and night
Stay bright
Spirit's fight
With you by my side
In my mind
Your hand too in mine
You're my heart
My best art
My soul
My equal
We're one


Let's go together
Traveling for ever
To the stars, to the moon, on the see
Here, i feel blind, i can no more see
Life on earth too hard
No humanity, just sadness and dark side
Nothing possible
Money, power, war on the table
Individualism whatever the price to pay
They don't care about the others
Let's see future later
Fun is better
But when things turn bad, they continue but pray
As if god was not dupe and will delete their faults as a magic ray
I need to dream, to live, to fly
I want to see the blue sky
I want to spread knowledge in my soul, to know, to learn all
I want to feel able
Not a life miserable
You're my sun
My shinny
Pour la vie
Away of this obscure earthly endless life
Imagination and words as keys to fight the shadows with you, my wife


So many years I've been diving
In depth rivers, ocean
Could not living
All was dark, can't driving
Only sinking
Can't swimming
The past so heavy
The present too with difference HPI
People can't see me
No life, no smile, pas d'amis
Time has passed by
Sorrows, pains too
Forgiveness as peace in mind
To touch the sky
Now flying in the air
Free, happy
Be myself, making all smart and funny
Art and love forever
Days can be cloudy
But sun never away
Feeling strong to fight demons on my way
Those of the past or new ones one day
Shinny life, your arms soon
Watching the moon
Feeling flying in the sky
Like birds, inseparable, up to our depth mind
The child in me and I, forever friendly
No more fears, no more tears
Only the ones of joye seeing you again one day
When Covid's away...


No, just your arms
Feel good, feel warm, feel fine
Each second closed to your âme
Blue see, blue eyes
Sunny sky, shinny minds
We are one


Twilight in the corridor
Walking naked
Slowly as a snake
A shimmering light
Makes you shinny bright
Behind you, i follow you
Soon we'll be one
Your body in mine
Each time as the first time
Waves of desire in the air
My hands in your hair...


White snow
Don't know where to go
Just feel freedom, endless
Away of the darkness
With you by my side
Just you and me for a ride
Miss you so much my darling
Can't wait the day you give me the ring
For a forever union
An eternal union
Seen by god and universe
I love you, to infinity,  I will rehearse
My soul, my half, my all
Together, we will break the wall
To be never again separated
Whatever the tragedies until the last breath before dead


Before it's too late
I want to see a last landscape, immaculate
Empty of the darkness
Full of lightness
Birds dancing in the air
You and me sitting in a wooden chair
Green trees, grass under the blue sky
A place where to live is not to buy
Only humanity
Smiles, joys to infinity
We'll go to the ocean
A one where fishes swim freely
Life will be easily
I will draw your face in the sand
Waves will be careful to go around it
In order, when i will be in heaven, i can always see it
Silence will be all around, just birds and  spumes in a sweet melody
A l'infini...
Somewhere , higher in the hill, someone will play piano
With the voice of Jim telling us his poem the white bright light ...
Instant of grace, shinny light in order to feel our mind so high....
Stopping living so fast
Just breathing and feeling
The instant will last eternity
With you by my side as a gift of God , immortality


Promises are words
Like in the air birds
When promises become reality
It is like a shelter for you and me
Time passed by but you have never said goodbye
Even if one day, one of us go to heaven,
Our soul will stay next to the other
It won't go in the light
It will continue to bright
In order the other never alone
In warm arms invisible
And when time will come,  both souls will be reunited
Eternity for true love, it is all we have ever wanted


Horses all around
Green fields
No sound
Just wind
Your hand in mine
We're one
Time stops passing
Present is during
I play for you some Ludvico Enaudi
It remembered me the day when you said it's you, pour la vie
It was a 23 March
We were in the North, landscape of larch
Trees were so high
Like our love between you and I



She was a little girl
Not made for this world
An HPI child
Huge sensibility, brain and mind
She has grown alone
So cold in her bone
No family who takes care
Just books for friends
Dreaming one day someone takes her hand
Drawing as an escape
All kind of art as an help
She was so much misunderstood
Preferring running in the woods
Screaming is anybody there
So hard to breath in such atmosphere
She became a young woman
Nothing has changed
Books and art, best friends
World has became so darker
As if we must become soldier
To survive in trouble water
Just sky and stars bring her a way
To feel safety , quiet for a while, a day
Praying the moon giving her a life, lighter

Until she has meet  her love
Like an angel, a twin, a mirror of her
Bringing her warmer winter
He was not made too for this world
So they has created their own one
Until the last breathe when they'll be old
He took her hand,  all will be fine
No more alone, true love like gold in her own
No more fears of the wolf
Sharks away deeply underwater
Tears off
Just smile, share  and love in the light
Love as a shelter
To protect her
Making soul so high
She has
Searching someone who cares her²
Understands her
She used to feel so hopeless

She has stoped to run around aimless

She was roofless, feeling heartless
Now she gets older
A centenary woman, always misunderstood from the others
Wrinkles and white hair
Swinging on a rocking chair
Books, art still as best friends
Still he took off her hand
Watching birds dancing in the air
Her spirit strongly tied to her lover
In heaven since few days, he's gone from her
His face in clouds, flowers or mind
True love never die
Forever, you and I
Soon, we'll be reunited
We'll be one, together, you were all i have ever wanted


She woke up in an unknown place
Lying on a bed
Confused in her head
She saw a shadow
A voice calling her name
Stella, don't be afraid
You are saved
How did he know my name?
Who brought me to this bed?
Who is he, why no more memory?
What has happened to me?
So many questions and feeling of unsecurity
He tried to touch her
Just to reassure her
Don't touch me
She slapped his face
As if she will be raped or going to be dead
Whereas in her, only sweetness
But so many years wandering
Nobody to trust, alone
Just darkness
Cold in her bone
After all what has happened to her
No family, only tragedies, only enemies
She tried to survive, touch the light, always so away, so higher
He took her hands quietly
With a mix of sweetness firmness
Don't be afraid
You are saved
Now I'm here for you
At first sight, i know it was you
Nobody, nothing will no more hurt you
But she was screaming and crying
He put one of his hand on her mouth with so many slowness, full love, making her feeling kindness
Trust me
You are free, safety....
His voice and eyes could not lie
She was feeling for the first time like a well being in her mind
With an unknown man
Was it possible
True love really exists? Past could be breakable?
Or will it lead her again to new trouble?
But she was feeling as if no more reason fighting
As if she has known him since the beginning
She stopped yelling and twitching
Feeling calming down with the contact of his skin
Outside the end of the world
Humanity has ceased
Virus, climate, darkness
But now he was there
No more reason to run, escape, go nowhere
He will take care of her
True love will save her
My name is Ethan
You caught the variant WF1
I cured you , i did my best as i can
We have now to go soon
Leave earth for the moon
Trust me , all will be fine, soon
He carried her in his arms
She was feeling so tired but warm
All was unreal
Was it a dream
But she was able to touch him
They were flying now like eagle
Away the earth was burning
The moon , so shinning
With love, they have been able to live there
Moon bringing them breathing, feeding, drinking
All easily in the ground and air was growing
No pollution in the atmosphere
Just love in the air
Animals from earth who survived came too with her
Like Noah's ark for the moon away of the dark
Love forever, peace and safe, no more illness
Sometimes, she was afraid
Like past become again or could
In her head, in the moon
He took her hands with the same sweetness firmness
Like the first time in the unknown place
All shadows always each time disappeared , killed by tenderness
Love the only help, life to face
She was an artist, drawing, painting, writing and so on
Ethan too, he took his hand and said come on
They can now create all what they dream
Fantasy, onirism in their own lunar bubble
In a safe place, all is able
Universe as new friend with the love of him



In a few time, you'll be mine
I can't live without you
I try but i can't do
Like hypnotized by your eyes, so blue
Your long hair, your smile, you so shine
My baby, my so pretty lady
You've told me I'm crazy

You can't live with me

You do not love me

Love is not a jail

Or it becomes hell

Love always better than gifts, huge house and money

I'm not your princess, your honey 

Do not worry
You'll learn to be with me
You will learn to appreciate me
You will marry me
It doesn't matter the time it will take
One day you'll be ok
You'll forget Jake
We 'll live in this house so far away

Near this lake
Nobody around
Just nature, you and I
In a few seconds , you'll be mine
I'll take you with me
Perhaps you'll scream surprising to see me
It doesn't matter, I'll do the necessary
You'll be my sleepy beauty
You'll be quiet for a long while
Say goodbye to your darling
It is not him who will give you the ring
In a few time, you'll be mine
We'll take new path together
It should have been earlier
But one day you took a bad way
You leaved me away
You should not have done that my so sweet honey
Now i have to take you by force
I will tame you like a wild horse
With a sweetness firmness
Don't be afraid of me
I love you, you are all for me
You know i took time to observe you
During this long period without you

I have followed you
I have tracked on you
Where you live, where you go, what you do
In a few seconds, you'll be mine
I will bring you in my car
Don't be indisciplined
You're my little valentine
My sunshine
We're going to somewhere, a surprise
Far away, before the sun' ll rise
I know exactly the time you'll be mine
In a few seconds, you'll be unanimated

You are all i have ever wanted
In order you stay quiet in arms of mine
I know it's the day you run near the woods
A beautiful place that always makes me think of the one of Sherwood
Nobody will hear you
Where we go, nobody will find you
Nobody will save you
Just you and I
You'll be mine
Time's here
You are now in my car
Sleeping in the Morpheus's arms
Before soon in mines
I can't get you out of my mind



When I was a child
You were always in my mind
You were supposed to save me
To love me
To protect me
Even if I had a father
A mother
A sister
Time has passed by
The carriage became a pumpkin again
The mask fells
Where were you when i have lost all?
With you, i thought all could be able
But i was alone at the table
No more family
No more happy
Is anybody there hearing me?
God, are you really leaving me?
What am I supposed to do, to be?
Where to go?
Is there a place for all broken hearts?
A safety one where i could too express all my art?
True love does it exist?

Where is he? 

Will he find me?

Years after years, hopeless
One day no more fears
All has disappeared
You were here
I love you so much darling
You're my god, my light in the night
I feel so secured in your arms
Please never go away
I know i could not survived if you're away
Never let me go escaping too away
Even if fears and tears can go back a day
Hold me strongly in your arms
Kiss me deeply, touch me, love me
Make me happy deeply
Make me feel alive
Make me never feel again as if i dive
You're all for me
Never let me





An other winter without you
So many others loveless nights away from you
Since you're gone
Feel so cold in my bone
So empty in my mind
Like a lifeless body on the white snow
No aim, no place where to go
Two years already as if a century ago
Miss you so much
You were so sweet, so great, so kind
It 's so hard, no hugs, no hands, no touch
Covid took me all
Alone at my table
Feel no more able
Just waiting for the end
Waiting for the reunion
When you will take my hand
Like one in an depth union
Eternal love in heaven
No more pains, tragedies gonna happen





Here we are
It's time to leave
It's time to go
Sunshine in my hair
Your smile, your laugh in the air
A long last hug with you
A long last kiss from you
My baby, my honey
So hard to leave you
And go away from you
I hold you a last time
In arms of mine
My hand in your hairs
Full of cares
Tears in your eyes
Clouds in the sky
Never easy to say goodbye
Be strong sweety
I love you, pour la vie




Oh it's so good to see you again
Hold you in my arms
We have wasted so many time
Now no more pain
Our love is shinning bright
Blinding the light
Making away the dark
All will be alright
You are my life, my soul, my heart
Tonight will be like our first night
With you, next to you, in you
No more days loveless
No  more nights touchless
My hands on your skin
You're my princess, my queen




Pouring rain
So much pain
I miss you
Can't live without you
So sorry, I've done the mess
Feeling voiceless
So hard sometimes to speak
Finding the true words makes me sick
I loose my control
Feeling diving in an endless hole
Please forgive me
You're all for me
Learn me to feel peace
In my mind, my soul
Make the past, away from all
Dark shadows away
Just shinny ones now for better days
Your arms as an armor
No more fear
No more tear
Disjointing the feeling of horror
Wild monsters behind the door
Are now sleepy
In an eternal depth see
Love powerful
Making all grateful
Redemption's here
Immaculate mind is born
Storm like the ones of Cap Horn
Belongs now to the past
I can run so fast
Through the hills, the fields
Wearing a strong trust shield
Bringing me wings through the wind 
You're my soul, my heart
Inspiring me so much for my art




Don't be afraid of tomorrow

Away are now the dark shadows

My arms here for you

A safety place

You need me

I need you

Feeling safe

Take my hand, trust me, here the sorrow's end

I hold you, touch you, give power and trust to you

My love making you higher

Raising you so much better

Shinny is now your soul

Your eyes open letting the light going inside you

You're my sun, my baby, my all

Can't live without you

Always here protecting you

Carrying you

Holding you

Making love to you

Let's run straight away together

Future forever a safety shelter

As long as you are with me

Nothing's gonna happen to you

I love you, pour la vie

My darling, my little brat, mon tout




Come on my baby, my child
My soul, my love, my only one
Let's go for a ride
An eternal one

A wild and free one



You by my side
No fear, no tears
Just our love, forever, elsewhere or here
Illuminating your face, your eyes
Shinning your soul,  you and I
Take my hand
For a love story with never-end
True love exists
Don't resist
Trust me
Trust you
Be free
Be yourself
With me

In me

In you

It's time to go
Follow me
Never leave me
My so pretty young lady

Pour la vie, maintenant, ici

I belong to you

You belong to me


Only you




Don't be afraid
Put on my shoulder your head
Take my hand
Follow this new path
Full faith
Deeply safe
My love, my heart, my soul
My little wild animal
I need you too
I want you
I know, you too
Past is away
Dark shadows fainted in a endless way
I will never let you go
Hunting your nightmares away
Making you feel safety when you are asleep
Make you feel happy when you wake up closed to me
I'll turn your past down
Making all your sorrow breaking down
My hand in your hair
The other one on your ass
Sweetness firmness in the air
To cure you and with success the love borders to pass
Reaching the mountain peak of desire
Making you feel deeply higher
Increasing deeply your emotion, inside your naked body, in me
You are safety
Be free
Be yourself
In you
In me
Pour la vie
My p'tite chérie



November rain
Cleaning my pain
December snow
Making away my sorrow
Warmer spring
Remembering me you gave me this wedding's ring
Summer sun
Tears are gone
Only love in your arms
So sweet times
Your hands on my skin
Feeling me i can all win
And when fear again come back sometime
You are here
Protecting me
Your sweet voice i can hear
Making me safety
Pour la vie




Don't me make me fall
Save me from all
Give me hopes
Forgive my acts, my thoughts
Raise me high
Touching the sky
Reaching the stars
Going where my dreams are
Stay with me
Carry me
Love me
Not a for a while
But an eternal time
A moment of gold
When you bring me home
A safety place
Done by your hands
Away from dark shadows
For an happy end
Never let me go
You're my hero
Don't make me fall
Save me from all
Breaking down the wall
Running  wild
Like a child
No more chains
No more pains
Just shinny light
Making my soul so bright
So high
In your arms
Feeling so fine
My darling, my love, my mine 




Written in the stars
I was going to meet you
So much loving you
All my life searching where you are
My darling, my allness, my hero
The only one who can dry my sorrow
With you, all my pains are able to go 
Away from my heart, my mind, my home
In an endless depth see where they will not able to come from
I used to be the child no one cares
The teen too many suffer
The young lady so losty
Now you are here
No more fears
No more tears
It was written in the stars
One day, I would find the place where you are
On a website of sweetness firmness
Making away all my cloudy mess
Loveless nights are gone
Hugs all the days on my skin on
Now you are so many miles away
Since so many time
How can i be fine
Covid's every day
Making me from you so far away
One day, the reunion
You and me , both together
Love forever
Protecting in me, the child, the teenager
The young lady too will be safety
Your arms as an armor
Saving me form the world's horror
Making the past away
Nightmares forever in a depth grave
You're so brave
You're my hallow ground
No more dark around
Just the power of your love
Holding me like a baby
You're my allness, ma vie





I used to feel invisible
Now feeling invincible
Since the day I've known you
Making me feel a storm of love
In my veins, a river of silver and gold
Touching so high the sky
Taking easily the Graal
My dear, my sunshine
Each day i feel  fine
It doesn't matter what people say
I know, with you, is my way
No matter where we live
You're my compass, my pillar
Wherever we are
My only wish you never me, leave
No more lonely Sunday
Searching me in dark depth way
No more fight
End of loveless nights
You're here
Making me feel so alive
Shinning me so bright
You are all I want to have
Until my last breathe
Your arms, my shields
You're my heart ace
Making me running wild in the fields
Putting me down the weapons
Fights in my misty mind are gone
Making me love so free
In you
In me
Pour la vie




Everybody come from a family
But it's not for that it makes people happy
Dad is missing, alcoholic or violent
Mum prefers money, she's absent
Siblings older went away
Nobody's home
Feeling alone 
Dark mind
But so kind
Everything's gonna be alright
Be strong
Stay right
Little girl, sweet child
Choose good friends
A good darling
One day he will give you the wedding's ring

Never give up until it's the end

The last breathing, before deeply live

To no one  you must never belong
Be free and happy
Study at school, increase your  mind
Sweet girl, honey child
Read many books
Keep the focus, be your own map, like Captain Cook
Live your dreams
Never let them leave
You must live
One day you'll find him
The true love
Everything's gonna be alright
Stay shinny, be bright
After the rain, sun always come back
Even if the cloudy period, a long time, lasts 
Don't be worry, soon, you will gonna  run again fast
In the whirlwind of the happiness of the life
You do not me yet but one day you'll be my wife

Waiting that moment, stay quiet 

My princess, my little brat

Everything's gonna be alright

You will have a great life

Full of love and art





When you touch my skin
It's more than a dream
I feel so alive
No clouds in the sky
Just you and I
My best love story
Next to me, in me
Pour la vie
I love you so much
Smiles and laughs forever
Pains and dramas away
Only sweetness more than ever

Happiness the new pathway




Looking to the moon

Moon moon moon

Can't wait see you soon

Soon soon soon

You're engraved in my mind

Mind mind mind

You're forever mine

Mine mine mine




Summer night

Feel right

You by my sight

Ocean, the moon light

We're bright

Life should be like that

Happiness endless

Days and nights




Present instant whatever the past or the future…

you and me in my arms…

As if present was lasting forever.…

Then reality came back…

I have never seen you again... 

I have only the memory of you in my mind that has come blurred with time that goes by...




Sun outside

Wind in the air

You by my side

Your hand in my hair

But it was a dream

Twenty-eight months, without you, my life, in.

Sorrow rising up but never giving up

Always a candle, in mind, lighting up

Soon together again

Dream will be reality, my life, my aim


Silence is my friend.
Like all my pains.
Night and day.
Never gone away.
Time, a friend too.
It cleans the dark inside you.
And one day, love will be there.
Friendship too.
All around you
It will embrace universe.
Happiness as a new path.
Sorrow, darkness, will destroy the ice.
Where you were in jail, a hell.
The birds too used to stop singing.
Your heart was no more beating.
Now warmer than ever.
True love forever.



I feel like the sky
Heavy clouds
No rain, can't cry
I dream of blue lagoon
The light of the moon

You and I on the sand

On my skin, your hand

Naked as a snake
Feeling free
Pour la vie
Please come back soon
So many long time without you
I'm waiting for you
Sitting on the rocking chair
The same reminding you
Your mother when she used to be there
Like her, reading each afternoon
Maupassant, Verlaine
Rimbaud, Châteaubriand
Une vie, l'horloge, le temps
Poesy in the air
Like my love for you, everywhere




Look at me
And you will see
A passage to escape
Away from the darkness
My hand too as a help
I am your heart, the ace
Never be again afraid
Put your head
On mine, fear less
Love, forever
Truth for all, more than ever
Feel strong as knight
Never feeling tears in the dark
Feeling light
A star
My arms as universe
Infinity of safety
Free like horse
Demons away
Love each day
Until the last breathe, one day




Nothing with you to share
Except the stars in the air
My hands in your hair
My love spreading on you everywhere
As sweet touches
On your body and hair, you on my knees
Spanking your asses
Erotic atmosphere
No more fear
I love so you so much
Each day magical opportunity
To be happy and  free
Come with me
Forget the past
Enjoy the instant
While it lasts
Until the last breathe
A long and fast or slow life
Like my body on you that comes and goes
No more tears on your face
With you by my side
Feeling like a horse running wild
Next to you
With you
In you
I want you



Times goes by

Not my love for you

Summer's away

Not my pain since you've gone away

Autumn's here

With it, my tears

When will you come back

Before the snow, before the dark

I hope

In order my sorrow down on the rope

Honey and milk when you're here

Like the words of Jackson C.Frank

My life is off without you like standing on a sandbank

I love you so much my so sweet bear

Silence's now here

Smile and laught have disappeared

Without you, I feel like Shakespeare

Juliette's heart is empty without Romeo

Please come back soon, before the end of the songs des oiseaux

I love you, here or there , down on earth or tout là haut....

My love as an endless echo in sky...
You and I




When will be the end 

The last time , i will take your hand

The last time, i will hug you

The last time, i will see you



One day

I live each second as the last one

I look at you like the first time

I hold your hand listening Maneskin, a great band

Time is endless

But the one of human being are infinitude less

Never forget how much i had loved you

For the time that lasts to me, being with you, my only wish baby

We can be poor, we are rich of our love

We can be separated, we are always in our mind reunited

Life can stop, our love will always raise up












Stay wild and bi free



World upset
Walking sand
Your hand
Waves and birds
Love words heard
The instant
The present
The moment