Little english erotic literature “Stella”…







She was the girl in black and white

She was wearing a scottish skirt with a sweatshirt

Little boots, smoking one shot

Waiting for the bus

Listening to music as if no one around us

The voice of Jim Morrison was embracing the area

She made me blind at first sight

So shiny, so much beauty, so sexy

Long smooth light brown hair under her hood

She had the body of a woman

The behavior of a teen

The innocence of a child

She can't get out of my mind

You know the kind of girl who is so pretty and does not know it

Despite I was myself a woman, how I could be insensitive to the so natural charms of her

With a disturbing feeling where you do not know if you want to hug her or to spank her due to a mix of behavior of a teen and young intelligent woman too

She seems to be a little bit melancholy too, mysterious, perhaps the past or the present...both...

Everybody has his own past and present




The bus has arrived

She has gone away

Perhaps today i've seen her for the last time, the last day

But miracle

Finding down her ID-card down on the ground

It has fallen down

I took it, her name was Stella

She was barely 18

She was living in a shelter for teens and young adults

Homeless and familyless

I took the next bus in this direction

Attracted like a magnet

Saw her near the shelter

As if asking going or not

Escaping or not

Sun was going down

Summer's end

Hey princess you have lost your card

She send me a dark look

I'm not a princess

Calm down baby, i'm just kidding you

I am not a baby

Dark eyes more and more in her blues eyes

Take it easy little girl

I am not a little girl she told me screaming words and trying to beat me as if 3 or 6 years old


I took her left hand when she tried to slap me

She tried with the other hand

I took it into mines

With a strong sweetness and firmness

She tried to escape

No success

You're not my mother

No but i could by my age

I was 40 the last week

Leave me alone

Oh no young lady

You need to know the good path

She tried yelling for some help denying any kind of authority

Alright, i see you prefer the hard way

I took fastly her hands in one of my mine and put the other hand on her mouth

You need to control yourself little brat

We have stayed like that for a long time until she has became quiet

It is ok don't be afraid

Just bringing you your identity card

She took it and tried to flee away

I took her wrist

No no no where do you go like that

It is time to go shelter

No i do not want


I don't love this place

In life, we have to do things we do not like

You're not my mother, she said again with anger and sob

No, I know, you already told me twice time but you need one i said her taking her chin in my hand

Look at me

I said look at me

You need to grow up

Right now

I took her again her hands back on her back and gave her a short but strong spanking

She was speachless

I dare to do it

But time went by and she was so much peaceful, thankful to me

I got a beautiful smile from her

In fact, when she has realized i will not yield her, she has tried more than ever to struggle not because of fear, just because she really could not support any kind of authority that's why she has got several times fired from the school from one to several days, she has run away from the shelter too, so it was a necessity, an emergency that someone takes care of her really in order she stops her behavior and have a great matter who does it, just does it…it has to be done…

No no no young girl, you can do what you want, i will not let you down…

This sentence makes her realize she has always searched the limit, someone who take care of her and she had found was was exactly what she has always deserved…that's why suddenly, she gave up her wild behavior....and became so quiet...she was fed up also to be abandonned by the ones she loves like her parents, some friends who were fed up too with her bad behavior...she could not have a social live acting like that and be happy...she had to stop insulting too at the slightest thing, tiny she did with me...and surely with other so many people...She has to stop getting offended at the slightest remark like a kid...

I am sure she was a little bit capricious too...she was the girl who does things when she has decided not because someone has told her to do them...she was deeply stubborn but also a so sweet could see a deep soul in her eyes her heart...perhaps the kind of girl who was helping too homeless people, giving food, coffee, cigarette in the street...

I need to go, take care , do you promise?

Yeah I promise but when i will see you again?

She was like a little girl afraid of being alone, to be abandonned again

She was so cute with her little voice and blue eyes, so many emotions on her face

You want to see me again? Really?

Her voice said yes from the depth of her heart

Be patient little girl...

I do not like patience

I know you have to learn

I do not want

I take her in my arms

A long sweet hug

Don't be afraid, all will be fine

I was feeling at that moment deeply more for her but what about her

She looked at me with a strong cheeky look

And kissed me a long time

I like it so much



She asked me to go with her...

We made love in the corner of the shelter

Back to a tree

No one around us

Silence of the beginning of the night

So much desire







As if we have known each other since so many time

As if we already know each part of the body of the other

As if no difference of age

As if true love...

But also discovering all of the other at the same time

Due to the first time

Disturbing feelings

Delicious too

She told me she was bisexual

Me too...

We saw each other each day for a long period

She decided to follow my advice

She went again in the shelter until the end of the year

She had her diploma, an art one

She was so talented

She was a precocious child, loves to learn alone

We decided to live together

I was a cop

I have this firmness naturally in me

I have warned her to be wise from now on...


My hand on her curves will come again

She has appreciated it a lot even if speechless at the beggining beause i have dared to do it

She has appreciated it not about the sexual feeling a spanking can bring even if it has came often but above all for the feeling of someone who take care of you and brings to you limits and educational benchmarks

Not violence only kindness with this mix of sweetness and firmness

We were so happy...

Until...I woke up... was just a dream...
Perhaps one day i will find the girl in black and white...

I took a shower and breakfast before taking the bus going to work

Perhaps she will be at the station....

By chance, the same girl was there...

Was it a premonitory dream?

Let's see what happens…




Life is really sometimes so well done

In fact, when saying i woke up, i mean when i really woke upStella was sleeping next to me in our bed like a baby

So sweet and calm…

It was a dream about our magic meeting

Then a nightmare when she was not belonging to my life

I was deeply in love with her

She, too

Even if, i have often to spank her in order to grow up, to be less impertinent, stubborn and so on…

She was an amazing girl full of life, bubbly, so talented too in art.

Full of generosity, fond of animals, sports, pop rock music, playing the piano and guitar, watching movies and so much more…

I watched her sleeping…
Her skin so sweet…

Sun was raising up…

End of september

A little bit cold but not really
Light began to appear in the room throught the window and the half-closed shutters on her brown smooth long hair…

I made her a sweet hug in order to help her waking up

Yesterday she went to a party with friends even if art school this morning

I have always told her, do what you want, be free but assume the consequences of your acts, always…

Stella...wake’s time…

She was sleeping…

Stella…. is early…

No Stella...i love you but i am sorry it’s time going to wake up, take a shower, having breakfast and going to your art school…

No...too tired…

No, no, no have fun last night, ok, but assume, wake up…

No...leave me alone...please...just want sleeping…
I understand but no...wake up…

I will prepare your breakfast..i am off today….i have my day….

When i come back, you must have to be ready, ok Stella ?

It will be better for you if it’s done when I will come back, ok girl ?

She did not answer as if no hearing…
OK , Stella ?
Yes…but you’re not funny…
I gave one slap on her ass as an anwser to her insolence...

Be carreful young lady….

She said noooo as bitching

I took time to prepare the breakfast in order to let her a little bit more time...I was perhaps too nice with her sometimes or often but she was so her so much , I can't resist to her charms...until a certain limit…

I saw the clock, it was 07h30

It was an emergency she woke up and be ready..

When i went into the bedroom…
I was not surprised…

Stella was sleeping again deeply in Morpheas’arms….
I took the bed quilt off with a firmness hand and voice


She wake up suddenly and realized she was not ready

What ???

It’s not my fault !

Believe me!

My body’s tired !


Is it a joke ???
No ! She said to me with a kind of cute smile with impertinence too in the voice and little bit laughing too at the same time…
She was like that like playing with her charms to have what she wants...and at the same time, she knows exactly that she is on a dangerous way...the way of a potential spanking...playing with fire was like a game for her and makes her laughing...smiling...


But Chelsea ! (my name) Believe me, I really need to have a break, lessons are tired and teachers are boring…

STELLA ! A break ?? we are only at the end of September ! The year has already started !

Please Chelsea! Have compassion for me !

STELLA stop if you continue in this way, believe me too, you will have a strong spanking!It is the only thing that you really need at that moment !


But I do not like going to school, i am a precocious child, I prefer staying at home and learn by myself ! you know it ! And you oblige me to go to school, you are a kind of a monster !

STELLA ! It’s enough now

You have to go to your art school in order to learn so many things like techniques and also, i am sure too to have benchmarks from your teachers !



I asked you, you must wake, be ready quickly to leave home in time for your art school

Is it done ?

Come on little brat, you need to understand right now what “must'” does mean !

Please !

No Stella please nothing ! Stop !

I took her with firmly one of her hand

She was wearing a little panty with a teeshirt

NO !

Oh yes dear

I put her with firmness on my kness

NO ! You’re not funny !

No, i’m not, you too !

When will you act your age ?!

But i’m nineteen now , what do you expect for !

I am expecting you to act according to your age so like an adult

But I do my best Chelsea!

Doing your best is not enough, just do it and I will help you, believe me !

Now you will have the strong spanking you have deserved sweetie

NO !

She tried protect her cheeks with her hands

I took them with firmness and started the spanking

She tried to escape without success

She had little tears in the voice but not true ones

I have known her so well

At this time,she was just trying to make me stop to spank ker and win as f it was a game

Leave me alone ! I will be late now for going to my art school with your stupid spanking !

When i have heared that, my god, she was so impertinente !

You will see young lady right now if it is a stupid spanking !

She tried crying and shouting but she has known me so well and it does not work with me now above all in this case

STELLA ! Stay laying down ! Stay laying down !

NO !

Ok, it’s up to you

I took the handcuffs i have for my job, i was a cup and tied her hands back her back with them, my hand was keeping her too with firmness on my knees

NO !

Ooooh yes dear

She had really tears now

She was very sensitive and knew i will not say yes to her

I hate you !

Do I have to gag you Stella for strong impertinence ?
NO !

Ok so stay quiet and shut up until the end of your spanking !

You’re not funny !

Life is not always having fun dear !

Learn to be responsible !

She had a long and sound spanking until she has stopped fighting which that means she understood the lesson…

I have to spanked her of course on her nude bottom…
Without the panties…

I know she was feeling deeply shame but it has to be done…

Her ass was now red...

I’m sorry…she had now real tears in her voice and so beautiful blue eyes...

You can Stella…

Now come on girl
I helped her to get up, leave the handcuffs off and put Stella on my knees sitting for a long sweet hug…

I love you…
Me too Stella...but please...act your age…
Yes...I am sorry…

It’s ok sweetheart…

I love you…

Me too….

Thanks for the spanking...she told me with a huge hug in my arms again...
She had her little voice as if she was a little girl again after a punishment….
Go to the shower fast now and take breakfast, i will drive you by my car in order you’re not late at your art school, ok dear ?
Ok...but it hurts now my’s your fault…

She gave me a smile….as an answer…

Stop your impertinence !

But would you please put me some cream, it hurts…
No is better you stay like that all the day in order each time, you are on a chair you will think to your behavior and the spanking i had to gave you this morning..

No….it is not you who had the spanking !

No it’s you with your childish teen behavior dear !

So come on girl ! It’s time ! Stop talking and above all you know I am right, isn’t it ?

Perhaps...which means yes of course in the Stella’s mouth when she was not decided to say yes !

I gave her last slaps on her ass full of sweetness and firmness too !

She took a fast shower, took and breakfast and went to her art school…

She was wearing a sport trousers black and white with a tee shirt same color…
She was tchating and smiling with friends as if nothing has happened this morning…

Or because surely IT has happened….